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Every year, MetLife conducts extensive research on changes in employee-employer dynamics. We've put together an overview of the tends impacting the PEO market now.

Now your small business clients can offer "big business" benefits

Through MetLife, your clients have access to benefits programs they would otherwise not have. With a broader range of benefits, small businesses can attract and retain the talent they need while improving employee well-being, satisfaction and loyalty.

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PEO members are 11% more likely to say their employees are loyal, 11% more likely to say they're satisfied, and 16% less likely to say their employees are burnt out.1

At every stage, we’ll support your sales team and provide marketing materials.

MetLife provides tools and resources from first conversation through ongoing employee engagement.


MetLife provides product training resources for benefits conversations with your worksite clients.


MetLife’s communications help ensure worksite employees understand how to enroll in benefits and why.


MetLife’s service teams support your clients and their employees with resources to explain their benefits options.


Ongoing communications keep benefits top of mind year-round — not just during open enrollment.

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1. Reference: MetLife’s 21st Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study, 2023.